Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just because...

Lay low lay next to me...
speak low, speak to me...
Let me touch you, while you touch me
I'll let my hands read you body
You let your voice read my soul
You're made of glass
I'm made of Air
The rush on our bodies,makes us wish we could...
If I could trade all the words for a kiss,
Believe me, I would.
But I won't...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

No easy way.

She still remembers being on the same level as him, even if one of them took one or two steps further at once the other always found a way to catch up. They cherished and loved one another.
She was a go getter, he was more of a philosopher. She taught him how to climb the stairs of life and when he was lazy she allowed him to take the elevator. He taught her how to be more positive and when she was lazy he allowed her to pretend.
She knew he only took the elevator , he knew she only pretended.
One day they didn't speak the same language. " Can you help me with this?" -he said. " O que?" -she answered. "Quelle langue parlez-vous?" he asked."Yo no te entiendo" she yelled. They screamed at each other for days not only because they didn't understand each other, but because they didn't understand themselves. One morning they woke up and their voices were gone, they made an effort and cleared their throats but not even one sound came out. He took the elevator down and left her , now she didn't have to pretend she was positive, she could just cry her heart out and be depressed ...instead she went up and down the stairs a thousand times until her heart was racing and it felt like it was gonna come out of her rib cage. She finally stopped , she put her right hand on the left side of her chest and felt her heart thumping like never before which meant she was still Alive. She never had to pretend again, being alive was positive enough.