Friday, August 26, 2011


Isn´t it fascinating how some people get us and yet they don´t even know us? All of a sudden you find yourself out of your confort zone, and don´t even know what you are suposed to say ..if anything. You want to be in control but your feelings take over your common sense and you can´t stop.
You wake up feeling blessed that you´ve been given another day on Earth to be happy and the possibilities of it are endless. Some people just know what to say, and what buttons to push to make you smile. It surprises you that a stranger would "get you" , it shocks you that someone can make you smile in that special way that usually takes years to pop out. But you don´t care and just let yourself least a little further, now you´re curious and you just have to know what´s going on. Where is your self control? Can´t you control your impulses? It slightly bothers you that someone comes in without an invitation, but you don´t want them to leave because you enjoy talking and sharing. They make this special LIGHT shine through you. You picture yourself in an empty dark room ,someone creeps up from behind and you´re not scared, they hold you and you feel their breath on your neck, usually you´re afraid of the dark but not turn around and feel the warmth of another soul...the next thing you know you´re dancing in the dark and loving it...Do you want to go back to what you had, or do you want to stay here and listen to this new tune?
If you´re curious,go a little further...