Tuesday, March 27, 2012


The only sunshine you get nowadays, it's the reflection of the real deal on others, therefore, it's artificial not natural. By the time it reaches you, it's already cold...not even warm, ice cold. It shines but it doesn't confort you, as the old saying goes: not everything that shines is gold.
You have so much rage in you, you could make a fire with it and it would burn for days.
You're trapped in your own skin. Your skin is beautiful from a far, if you look up close, it's dry and hurt.
And to think that all you ever wanted was a break, not big, not small...just a break.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Resting my head on my pillow, feeling you breathing on my neck, hugging me from behind. Skin on skin, no clothes in between... whispering sexy words in my ear, nibbling on my earlobe, squeezing me against you. Oh, what a feeling! Carry me in your arms to a Land where we have wild, sunshiny dreams... As the Moon shines on us, I open my eyes to make sure you're still here, you are... This time, with your back turned to me, how I love that skin of yours. I can imagine myself resting next to it forever.
I kiss you on your neck and your back,you sigh, you wake up, you hold me...I lay on your chest, listen to your hearbeat, while mine slowly stops and I die happy.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Power shift.

One day, you wake up and realize that they also have the power to hurt you.
-How is it possible?-you ask. - I thought I was the only one who had that power. With this realisation , many more will come. Like the time you told them the sky was blue, just to make them happy...they told you the World was round to make you happy. To you, the sky is white,and to them, the World is cubic.
All those times you looked them in the eye, and told them you loved them when you weren't sure? They knew, and did exactly the same.
Remember that time you hugged them and said it would be alright, when you knew it would only get worse? They pretended to believe you, and hugged you right back. And yesterday, when you passed them on the street ,closed your eyes and became invisible until they passed you? Well, they looked at you with your eyes closed, frozen like a statue, but they didn't see you.
The next day, you wake up and feel like a fool.