Friday, July 15, 2011


Dim lights, you feel observed and you want to look and find out who it is but you decide to play the game a little longer pretending not to know he´s looking at you, almost devouring you with his eyes. You quickly look at him while he´s distracted for 2 seconds, "Do I know him?"-you ask yourself."It´s too dark in here,oh God he saw me looking..." Nervous with getting caught you decide to go outside for a cigarrete ,he gets up and walks right behind you. You get anxious and speed up your step and once you get outside he´s nowhere in sight,"What the heck? where did he go?" you smoke your cigarrete almost in slow motion in hopes he´ll show up.You´re intrigued with this character. He never comes out of the place so you adjust your dress ,throw out the cigarrete and walk in. For your surprise he´s waiting for you at the entrance,and once again all eyes on You. You stop right in front of him, he looks at you with a very serious face. You get a head to toe goosebump and in a shy voice you ask "Do I know you?" "-Do you?" he answers with another question. He didn´t smile much, he didn´t talk much, he the didn´t seem to feel much ...that was until you looked in his eyes. Green eyes with great depth, underneath the surface was where all the great things were kept safe and only if you had the right code you would be granted access to it. So far no one has been able to get there, and you felt like his question was an invitation. So you answered "Yes." He held your hand and you both walked out of there. That was the last time I saw you, I asked your friends about you and all of them give me the same answer : she´s getting closer to the truth.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Half Dead

Crazy people, crazy heads, different mentalities. He sat on the 6th floor window of that apartment on the Financial District,just smoking weed and looking out. He loved the smell of weed in the air it gave him a strange sense of confort.
An artist neighbor playing his guitar, a very sad but harmonious made him want to cry a little, tears of solitude in such an Amazing City.
Black smoke coming from the chiminea in the building in front, the darkest smoke he´s ever seen...probably someone burning outdated love letters that didn´t make sense anymore, that together with a broken heart will cause the darkest and thickest smoke you´ll lay your eyes on. The people walking by downstairs ,totally oblivious to the fact that he´s sitting there and has intentions to jump. God! Did it make him feel small that no one cared enough to stop he dropped a beer bottle that he drank earlier that day, and it broke in to tiny pieces in the ground below.
The Deli guy downstairs cursed the day he was born, he looked down and gave him the finger. Well, at least now he knew the Deli guy would give a shit because his store front would be destroyed, and there would be blood splattered all over his fruit.
Three black pigeons sat besides him, one looking half dead and the other two not even concerned. "Of course not"- he thought ,"They´re pigeons after all". But that´s exactly how he felt, like the half dead pigeon. So ,in a leap of courage he jumped. The last thing he heard was the Deli guy calling him a motherfucker.