Thursday, September 1, 2011

Soul Music

It was a cold quiet night, to quiet if you asked her. So silent she could hear her heartbeat... which could only mean one thing: it was time to go.

She didn´t pack a bag, didn´t even bother to get dressed. Her mind was naked and so was she.

She went outside and felt invisible: no one looked at her and no one could see her, so she started heading towards the cliff.

She walked for miles and miles, her feet were bleeding from all the sharp rocks she stepped on but that didn´t stop her. Slowly , her feet became numb and felt like two heavy stones...still, she kept pacing to the cliff.

When she finally got there, her whole body had turned into a moving stone. She sat on the edge of it and thought about jumping: how would she jump, and if it would make sense to jump if she didn´t feel anything. She thought so much about every possibility that she didn´t even realize that 8 hours had gone by.

That was until something woke her up from her trance:

"Could it be?" -she was hearing that music...that music that came from a special soul,and it was getting closer and closer.

She kept staring straight ahead to the cliff, knowing that this was the kind of music she could trust.

Quickly ,the stone started cracking and her body started turning soft and warm, to a point where she was able to crack a smile. When she felt the music breathing behind her ,she closed her eyes and heard him whisper:

"I see you...I´m not going anywhere."

When she opened her eyes, there it was: the Sunrise.