Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Inside the Person

Nothing, isn´t it fun to start a story with the word nothing? But that´s exactly what was up ,nothing. Days and days gone by , soul searching , learning about new religions, listening to new music, playing the piano, singing happy songs , painting , drawing and writing. Everything to keep her mind busy and off the dreadful conclusion.
People that came into her life were as boring as hell or heaven it depends on who´s analyzing it, too busy matching their shoes with their clothes , too worried if their looks would be aproved by society, too ignorant to notice their own feelings and too selfish to share themselves with the World in the real sense of sharing. She became one of the latter ones, she became a selfish human being that didn´t want to share herself with the World "Too busy with myself / too busy looking within / too busy taking a walk on my brain" -always too busy.
Indeed she was busy. In a different way nowadays, before she used to be busy with others, busy making their lifes better, with giving them the time of the day, with giving them the nutrients and vitamins to their soul a.k.a self esteem. She spent so much time living that way, that she forgot she existed as a human being, she saw herself as a Soul not a body...the body was only a vehicle to get to places . Disapointment brought up this new side of her Soul, she went from an extreme to the other and loved every second of it." Me,me,me, me!"
But in the end of the day right before falling asleep ,everyday the same conclusion : "Another day without loving." Will she find the much needed balance?

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  1. She might numb her body. And train is soul to walk. Losing that role, the body, will be less than a vehicle. The body will be like a jacket who keeps you warm. Warm up that soul.
    Remember, please, how is put love in a soul. Step by step she will find that balance. No runways allowed. Just a path, keeping her distracted of her own bored body.