Friday, November 23, 2012


"Desperate times call for desperate measures"- I´ve always heard this phrase, but never really analized it. How desperate do you have to be ,to do something that you disagree with? Does desperation give you warning signs? Is it a sudden thing, or does it brew in your brain for a while and one day...BOOM! it´s done. For those who know me, it ain´t weird that I think about these things. But for those who don´t , you´re probably thinking "what is she desperate for? what did she do?" - nothing, is the correct answer. I usually have random thoughts, and the "theme du jour" happened to be desperation. There´s people who are desperate for: attention, money, fame, love, food, vacation, acknowledgement ,etc...and it´s very easy to cross the thin line that divides "healthy desperation/ unhealthy desperation". The division of these two worlds lies in what you are willing to do to accomplish the thing you are desperate for. Everybody, at some point of their lives is desperate for something, usually it´s for attention. Some people scream to get it, others send subliminal messages, some get naked, others cry, some write...(me), and then there are the ones that don´t do anything even though they want to, they are able to control themselves and their impulses, which makes me wonder "HOW CAN THEY DO IT?". The times that I controled my desperation towards someone, I ended up sending it into someone else´s direction. Where was I going with this text?...I don´t know...shit. I guess I was just desperate to write. Ok, bye now.

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  1. O desespero ataca-me diariamente. Desde criança. Sou ansioso e stressado.
    Mas os exageros vieram por amor. Só assim poderia usar medidas drásticas para afagar a urge de complemento.
    Digamos que todos esses meios que usamos para esses fins, costumam ser tão momentâneos como o inspirar e expirar. Mas não quer dizer que não tenham sentido. A partir da milésima de segundo que nos desesperamos já vale a pena.
    E realmente, não te conheço.