Thursday, May 6, 2010


Up there in her Mountain she felt Free,she could breathe all the Clean Air she wanted. And one day someone knocked oh her door,she didn't even bat an eyelash...The next day,same thing at the same time... once again she didn't move. On the third day the knock turned into a bang,she stood completely frozen,not because she was afraid but because she knew better than to ever open that door again.On the 4th day with the door banging came a voice crying out her name,once again she was completly unfazed.
On the 10th day of loud banging and calling out her name,she slid a note under the door that said : " I don't live here anymore...I don't want to know,and I don't want to see...don't you ever bother me!"*

* inspired in the song "sick of you" by Iggy Pop * the stooges

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