Sunday, May 9, 2010

Material Show-Off VS. Emotional Show-Off

People have this way of showing off their material posessions and that scares me a lot!
It's all about who has the hottest girlfriend, who has the most expensive watch, who bought more bottles for the table, who hangs out with the coolest crew, who got the latest invention from's all about seeing and being seen. When did it become normal and acceptable to be like that? Was I asleep that day? I believe I didn't get the memo...
If only we could show off our emotions instead of the same ol' materialist bullshit.
Imagine a World where people are so "rich" in personality and character that it just shows in their skin, in their voice,in their aura, and then the "competition" would be about who helped the most people, who has the biggest and bravest heart...a World where people strived to be the best they could be and just awarded others with compassion.
While I wait for that day to come I'll start practicing in my own environment,who knows? Maybe I'll start a trend that sticks around forever...

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