Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Not there.

I heard a whisper last night, so I followed it. It took me to a very familiar place, but the faces there, were from a more recent time and it didn´t make sense for them to be there. I went to my favorite water fountain and drank some cold water, and that´s when the truth start unveiling in front of my eyes...is that the whisper again? I see her, she´s there but she isn´t...everybody passes her by and they don´t seem to see her since she disapeared last time. I see her because she wants to be seen by me, but why me? How could I help her? Rumor had it, that last time everybody saw her, she was fading away , but I always saw her very clear. She took me through her last steps...I heard her sing ,as loud as her lungs alowed her too, and someone didn´t like it so they took her away, she screamed and sang at the same time as if she was enjoying to piss this people off. One person became three, three became eight, eight became fifteen, and they all surronded her while she made sure her voice was heard...this rebelious act made them very angry and they beat her up until there wasn´t anything left...not even a hair. I ran to them to make them stop, but my movements were in slow motion and they couldn´t hear me or see me because I wasn´t really there. I cried, and when I showed emotion one of them saw me, I recognized him and he recognized me... he looked at me with his sharp evil eyes and told me I was too late. I knew I wasn´t late, it´s never too late to tell the truth.