Monday, November 21, 2011


The warm shadow of the Sun consumes me, and gives me goosebumps.
I never thought something warm could make me feel cold.
I bet this is what lovers feel, when they have to be away from each other...they feel the warmth of love but the coldness of the distance. The only thing that eases the pain is knowing that the same Sun that shines for me, shines for you too. I send you messages via the Light and I know they are all delivered everytime I think about your smile.
I love looking at you through a memory curtain that separates us, and when I touch it , it dissipates and there we are, together again, dancing to the music of our bodies. Can you hear it? It´s the sweetest melody, the most amazing sound coming from such a real place. A place that is only real for those who have loved with no fear, those who love day by day, those who love unconditionaly.
Even the shadow of the night doesn´t scare me when we´re apart, because in a very deep way you are the shadow of the night that takes me safely to my dreams and there I can meet you, and once again we´ll dance the night away...

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