Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Smile...

Room filled with smoke, room full of people, the music's blasting , the bodies are sweaty , glasses are being filled with the Devil's juice, and then you see her. You see her not because she's stunning,not because you want to talk to see her because she's smiling.
You can tell that the ilusions are gone,and she doesn't expect anything...she lives for Today and what could be more attractive than that?
You crave her attention, but she doesn't play those games...Did she just look at you and smiled? Not only with her lips,but also with her eyes and Soul.
Slowly you go closer to her,but there's too many people in the way . It's almost like she has a magnet that no one can ignore.
You feel bold tonight so you touch her back because you want to be noticed,she looks you in the eyes,and then you kiss her hand. She instantly felt the winds of change,and this time...her heart smiled too.

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