Tuesday, April 6, 2010

wake up...

wake up and tell me it was a nightmare,wake up and make me a bacon,egg and cheese on a bagel the way I like it....sprinkle it with pepper and if you're feeling creative put some oregano on it so I can bitch at you and say " sometimes u don't have to go the extra mile...simple is good", lets do nothing,lets stay on the couch the whole day,let's go skateboard ,laugh at me cuz I'm scared to jump on the sidewalk even though you KNOW I can do it if I really try,hold me!have you notice how we never hold each other anymore?I hate that!How could we forget the "hug recipe"?A hug a day keeps the separation away! let's go to the supermarket,and when we get to the cashier and it's time to pay say "damn,I forgot to get the most important thing" then I'll proceed to yell at you and say "WHY DO YOU ALWAYS DO THIS TO ME?" let's go home watch some crap tv with me even though you hate it,invite me to go to the movies...you never did it...i know I'm not a movie person,but I'll give you an A for effort,the night time is coming,please make it go away...please...."Darling time to go to bed and to sleep" "NO! I don't want to!" "But you must..you know I'm not here...the nightmare is reality...I'm not here,and no one is next to you.It's just you and you!Just ike you like it!" -"Please take me to another movie...and let me pick !Please..." Wake up.

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