Monday, June 21, 2010

The Glass Elevator

"SHE was in a glass elevator,SHE had built it herself with HER own hands.SHE did it because SHE wanted to be taken as High as Love once allowed HER to.
SHE filled the glass elevator with flowers,love letters(the posessions she prized the most) from past lovers who knew HER well enough to give HER what SHE most loved...SHE also put some stars,a rainbow,light and courage inside...And away SHE wanted to go.SHE pressed the buttoN that said NIRVANA,but the elevator didn't move and a sign that said "TOO HEAVY" turned on.SHE looked around to see if someone could help HER,but no one came. SHE sat outside the elevator,and heard an old woman cry,SHE imediately rushed to her side and asked what was wrong? The old woman told HER why she was feeling so sad;she missed her deceased husband who passed away the previous year,he was her life companion,and that she never went to the cemetery to take him flowers and talk to him,so the GIRL went back to the elevator got the flowers gave it to the old woman and said:"Today is the Day!" The old woman SMILED at HER,and got on her way to the cemetery.
Next thing SHE knew,SHE had a little boy next to her,SHE asked him his name,he said "John,can you please help me build a paper plane so I can fly home to my parents?" SHE loved his boldness,and decided to help him, "Do you have paper?" -SHE asked."No,but I saw tons of it in a glass elevator!"-he replied."My love letters....Can I part ways with it?"-SHE thought. After looking at John's sweet face,SHE didn't hesitate anymore. Thet glued every single one of the letters together,and built a GIGANTIC paper plane, John gave HER a big HUG, hopped on the plane and flew away...SHE felt that a big part of HER past was going with him,but this wasn't a bad thing.
SHE looked at the elevator from a distance and there was a young woman looking inside,SHE ran there and asked her if she was lost. The young woman coldly answered "Is it that obvious? I'm extremely poor and my family needs my support" ;so OUR FRIEND got the rainbow from the elevator,threw it in the sky and told the young woman "In the end of every rainbow there's a pot of gold,chase this rainbow!" The young woman expressed extreme GRATITUDE and ran away.
SHE walked back to the elevator,pressed NIRVANA ,and the "TOO HEAVY" sign turned on again. Since SHE only had stars, courage and Light inside of it, SHE decided to get rid of the Stars, but when SHE walked outside there was a young man sitting on the ground. SHE asked if he needed help,he quickly answered :"Are you a talent agent?" she replied:"No...why?",and he said: "Because I know I have talent but I feel that I'm stuck in this place..." SHE looked at her hands and saw what SHE was carrying,SHE let go of it and the Stars slowly started taking their place in the sky. SHE put HER hand in his shoulder,told him to look up and kindly said :"Always aim for the Stars my brother." He got up,KISSED HER in the forehead and took off.
Now SHE was left with Light and courage,soon SHE would be able to press NIRVANA and go as HIGH as SHE could...but there was something bothering HER...SHE felt...hmmmm...what was that feeling? SHE felt....observed!
SHE looked around and saw someone looking at HER from the top of a Mountain.He waved...and SHE waved back,he screamed :"COME UP!!!" and SHE said "NO!YOU COME DOWN!",he screamed back : "I'M SCARED!"; so SHE instantly thought about giving him the Courage SHE had stored in HER elevator.SHE grabbed it,and started climbing the Mountain,it was in fact a very hard Mountain to climb,but she had a mission and was adventurous. When SHE got up there he smiled shyly and offered HER some tea. He then proceded to ask HER,what was a girl doing in the middle of nowhere,giving flowers away,building paper planes,throwing rainbows and stars in the sky...SHE explained to him the point of HER glass elevator,how badly she wanted to go to "that NIRVANA place" and the Joy and High SHE got from helping these people,"Well,isn't that NIRVANA?what you're feeling right now..."-he asked. SHE got pensive...and decided to answer with another question "What is a man like you scared of?" He turned away from her,looked down and said :"I'm a loner,I don't fit in with people,I've lived in my own world for many years,no one seems appealing to me...","That's not what I asked!I asked what are you afraid of." He looked HER in the eyes and said :"I'm scared to tell the woman of my dreams that I love her". SHE felt bad for him,handed him the Courage and said :"Today is the Day",turned away and started heading down. When SHE was midway,he yelled from the top "HEY!" she looked up and he said:"I APPRECIATE what you do for others." SHE smiled and kept going down the Mountain,when SHE was close to the the elevator she thought about the SMILE from the old woman,the HUG from the little boy,the GRATITUDE from the young woman,the KISS from the young man and the APPRECIATION from theat misterious guy...could he be right?Was that NIRVANA? She got on the elevator,looked around and there was only Light left,SHE swallowed it so HER inner Light always shinned through,closed HER eyes thought about HER day,and just when SHE was ready to press "NIRVANA",SHE heard a knock on the glass door...she looked out and saw the Misterious man,he mouthed the words: " I LOVE YOU,STAY WITH ME"..."


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