Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Knock,knock...I'm here.

My dear Little Girl...

I hope you are feeling better since we last long go was that?Too long I would say.
I've always hated to see you down and not focused on yourself,you have so much to offer the World,you just lose so much time focusing in little things that don't matter for your present let alone for your brilliant future.
How dare you comparing yourself to those creeps,to those vampires,to those airheads,they think so high of themselves,it's ludacris! Their name doesn't deserve to be in the same sentence as yours,and when it does,you are the one saying it!They have value in their own lives,let them be!Shit attracts shit,you know that!
Let them all eat from the same plate,that's the only way they know how to live!Let their bellies be full,let their thirst be drenched by each others blood,let them stab themselves in the back with the sharpest knife,let them kill each other softly or hardly,as they wish,they will vanish,they will soon become used and vulgar,they will become another grain of sand in the desert...but guess what?Not you little girl!You warned them,you tried to help dare you trying to help them after they spat in your soul? How dare you my dear little girl?How dare you? Can't you see your own Light? Can't you see what shines through?
Please stop pretending you care for them,stop pretending you actually give a don' couldn't care less...stop trying to keep your so called enemies closer!Fuck that! you don't need enemies,you're too precious for that!Surrond yourself with people who love you for who you are,not for what you do,those fakers! I see them,you do too!
Take off those Pink Sunglasses,you look ridiculous in them,lose Faith!LOSE ALL THE FAITH IN THEM!That's the only way you'll become Raw again,and you'll start from zero to one,to two ,and so on...they are the way they are,they won't change,stop listening to their bulshit and procrastination...yours should be enough!
Little girl,my dear little girl...your plate is full in this table for one,one can be a crowd,when One is You.
One most of the times is Enough...even when you're surronded by people you are able to feel alone,if the people who surrond you is Them! Let those Demons go!
Little girl,how many times have you cried yourself to sleep because They hurted you so deeply and so you think they deserve your tears? Never...The only thing they deserve from you is your Sad Compassion....they are Mentaly Crippled,forever.....there's no cure and no hope.
Everytime I see you cry because of them I say a prayer for their souls,because their Karma is becoming so heavy and they are dragging yours along,so DON'T LET THEM WIN! You are so much more than that! Wake Up,Rise Up,Take Action,Be Happy...Because in the End that's all you want to be...Little sweet little girl...

I love you.

Truly yours,me...


  1. Your deep!
    You could have called this 'Sweet little boy' and it would still have resonated with me in the same way. I was reading this like you had entered my conscious talking to me directly to do the things that drive me without fear or the need of recognition from others.

    Thank you.

    Simon F.