Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The saying : "PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT " -was stuck in her head, because she finally mastered the Art of Leaving.
No Fuss,No Muss,No Tears, No Fears. Just a clean dry departure.
Hotel, talk on the phone,say hi,say bye, look at him/you,hug her until she falls asleep.
Morning Time, get in the car,check out,check in, kiss you,hug you, miss you, take my heart in your pocket, looking back, she sees your eyes, give each other a sign...walk away.
In the plane, sleep ,read, off the plane,in the cab,get the home keys, stairs, she suffers by antecipation with the thought of an empty house...
Open the door, closed her eyes and all of a sudden...NOTHING! It didn't hurt, she opened her eyes and her house was full! Full of adventures to be lived, full of stories to be told!
She smiled and closed the "door" behind her.