Wednesday, December 22, 2010


2.14 am she looked for it everywhere : out of the house ,in stores, in the fridge, in the bathroom ,in the oven,on the dancefloor, and? nothing.

She remembered exactly how it it rushed through her veins, how it made her legs shake ,how it made her guts turn...and? nothing.

"FUCK!"-she yelled, "If only I could remember what it's called and where I left it." She recognized she was going through WITHDRAWL ,and it wasn't a good feeling. Went to bed, tried to sleep but couldn't stop reminiscing about it...and? nothing.

The next morning she woke up with it on her nightstand, since she didn't know how long it would be there for ,she took full advantage of it : she laughed,cried, felt it and Heaven knows how good it was. "Gosh,it's raining so much! Let me go to the window and check it out"- she loved a good storm, you could see the lightning reflection in her face she smiled and turned back...and ? nothing. It wasn't there anymore. "Damn it!!! why does this keep happening to me?"- again she could feel the angst and anger building up , her body and soul craved for more. She wondered how could she feel like that over it, specially when words couldn't describe it.

She played Jazz for a week ,sang away the Blues ,tried to reach for it way deep inside but it wasn't there.

Then one night out of the blue it came back, she tried to resist it because finally she felt strong and in control, but then again she wasn't sleepy...and? nothing.

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