Monday, December 27, 2010

Don't Press it.

You know how some people live as if they were going to live forever? The carelessness with which they treat others, the "I'm going to be young and handsome forever" mojo , the "I will do it tomorrow,next week,next month,next year" people...Oh God! A part of me envies them because I do not know how to do it. But there's something I know that I'm sure that they haven't realized yet: LIFE DOESN'T HAVE A REWIND BUTTON! It freaks me out how fast times are going ,and looking back at pictures from when I was a child has a bittersweet taste. Those days are FOREVER gone, I even miss the times when I was a rebelious teenager just because life taught me that way. Gosh! In honest truth I miss yesterday but I know that I won't have that back EVER. So I try to do the best I know everyday, I try to make each day count, I try to tell my brothers and sisters everyday how much I love them, I try to FEEL as much as I can, I try to compliment the people I know...complaining is much easier, no doubt but in the end of the Day what do we do to change ourselves let alone others.
Life is tough as Hell, but we all make part of this World. We're still here! There's still hope, and hopefully : There will be a Tomorrow, after that? Who knows...

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