Monday, December 27, 2010

From Here to There

There's a ROAD, a very wide road and you're only allowed to walk on the RIGHT side of it totally barefoot. These are the RULES if you want to have access to the Promised Land. When you're starved you are only allowed to eat SEEDS ,even if you see a plate full of APPLES, figs ,grapes and pomegranates -these are the original FORBIDDEN FRUITS to many religions and you CAN'T touch it. If you're thirsty your thirst can only be quenched with Holy water, to clean your SOUL of all SINS that you may have of thought of doing. If you can't breathe no medicine will help you, you have to look within and find the strength to regulate your system ,and trust me you will only FIND it on the last second when you're already turning BLUE with the desire of feeling the oxygen.

Desperate times call for desperate measures , forbidden ruit calls for self control. The more you deny it,the more you WILL crave it. Handicap your soul , punish it ,enrage yourself , deny your being ALL Earthly DESIRES , forget that you exist, forget that they exist , become the Devil ,become GOD , become everything , STOP breathing! So that you can start it all OVER again...and this TIME you will walk on the left side of that Road...

(image by Alex Grey)

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