Tuesday, December 28, 2010


An Artist at his Loft, with a gigantic white canvas in front of him. All kinds of paint,brushes,diluent are waiting to become something. He picks a thin brush and dips it on the red paint , takes a thicker one,dives it on the white paint and moves it back and forth ,up and down on the Canvas. The music starts playing , he smiles because he knows that she turned on the radio so he could be more inspired.
From a distance she sees him moving as if he was making love with that painting, it was the only time he was allowed to "cheat" on her, Art was his other woman and it was a "woman" she loved too. Two hours go by she brings him some food but he wasn't there, he "left to buy more paint"- said the note on the table. But the canvas was empty...she was puzzled and wondered what happened "He's been at it for a couple of hours now, how come the canvas is still like this?" she left the room and turned off the radio, layed in the bed they shared held his white pillow and fell asleep.
She woke up hours later with the sound of music coming from the living room, she tip toed around until she saw his silhouette moving in the shadow."He must be painting now..." -she left him alone that night and went to the rooftop to gaze at the stars. Sparkling stars against a dark sky, summer hot breeze against her pale skin..."mmmm,this feels good" she layed on the hammock and tried to count every star in the sky, she loved to just stare at the sky and let her imagination flow. When he came looking for her,the Sun was already up high in the sky. "Baby?" -she slowly opened her eyes and smiled at him "It's finally dry and ready for you".
They ran downstairs ,antecipation was growing with every step,when she got downstairs the canvas was still empty and all she saw laying around was white paint spots on the floor.
-"Where is it?"
-"What do you mean? It's right in front of you!"
-"All I see is a canvas!"
-"Close your eyes..."
-Now,I don't see anything."- she jokingly said.
He stood right behind her and took the lead of her hands.
-"Touch it"
As she began touching, up and down,left and right,in every possible direction tears streamed down her cheecks and she smiled. He whispered on her ear:
-"There are some things you can't see, you can only feel..."

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