Monday, April 18, 2011

Wanting versus Needing

-You know that feeling of really wanting something?
-Of course! Who doesn't?
-Well, how about when you get it? How do you react?
-I get extremely happy obviously! it that obvious?
-Wait a minute, you're confusing me...If you really wanted something and then you got it you should be happy.
-What if it's not something material?
-Then you should be even happier.
-I'm not.
-What is this about?
-It's about us,there I said it...
-So you don't want to be with me?
-I thought I did, I mean I think I do, but I´m a mess now.
-You´ve always been a mess ,so what else is new?
-It´s different this time, I´m totally infatuated with you but this emotional turmoil is taking over me ,I need help.
-I can help you!
-No you can´t ,it has to come from within.
-But, what about me?
- I need to focus on myself , as much as I want to be with you I need to find out who did I become and what kind of person would I have to be in order to be happy.
-You´re perfect to me, just the way you are.
-I´m a perfect imperfection just the way I am.
-I never asked you to change.
-I need to change for me, not for you or the World.
-Are you sure that I can´t help?
-I´m positive.
-Now what?
-Now I´m going this way.
-Will we meet again?
-If our wants and needs are in synch then, I´m sure we will.

How will this story end?

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