Sunday, April 24, 2011

43 questions, 1 answer

where do you go when you feel alone in the World? what do you do when you don´t have anyone to protect you? how do you feel when you realize it? do you stay in the gutter? or you gonna try to make it better once again? How many times can you make yourself feel better? where did you leave your dreams? as a matter of fact what are your dreams? do you still remember it? do you still dream? why do you think so much? why don´t you just do it? why don´t you back to school? why don´t you have parents to support you while you do it? why can´t you see your talent? why don´t you let it shine? why didn´t you have your parents unconditional love? why can´t you just tell everybody to fuck off? why do you allow them to come this close to you? where are you now? what are you doing there? what have you become? what were you? when are you leaving? where are you living? do you call this a life? why do you criticize them when you are doing exactly the same? where´s your sense of humor? where´s your sense of self? what do you know about me? do you want to know more? do you know how much is 365x 12? do you know how much time you´ve wasted? do you want more out of life? how much more? do you think you´ll make it? how far? how long? do you feel trapped by life? are you still breathing? are you still talking? are you still thinking? are you still being? shut up.


  1. Texto brilhante! Adorei. Mesmo.

  2. De um parceiro de "desabafos escritos" e de nacionalidade (penso eu), tenho de partilhar o quanto gostei. E foi muito.

  3. Obrigada!
    p.s- D.S- qual é a sua nacionalidade? :)