Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Your skin reminded me of silk, even though I only touched it once just by looking at it I could tell it was as soft as a cloud. Its color was so pure and milky I could almost taste it. Your blue eyes pierced through my being and as a bullet they got stuck in my heart. Your nude lips were shaped to perfection which made me want to bite them everytime I thought of you.And back then that was all I could do:to think of you.
Right now, I´m aware that you crossed my path so many times and I didn´t see you, we were at the same place at the same time with the same people but I was blind.It´s like you never existed until I saw you...and that day, I saw you. You were seated right in front of me, and boy you looked really scared! I thought that was hilarious, given the environment we were in. I tried to get your attention just by staring at you, but you were smart and you knew exactly what I was doing so you didn´t even look in my direction, you should´ve known that I love a challenge! So I got up and left you there by yourself as scared as you were in that tiny hallway. I spoke to so many people afterwards that I almost forgot about you...ALMOST. I came back and sat on the exact same spot and this time you looked at me in an exasperanting silence, that silence spoke louder than any person could ever speak. You were dying for me to talk to you, and who was I to take that pleasure away from you? "Hi"- I said to you, and you smiled no teeth showing. "How´s it going?" I asked. "Fine" you answered in a very thick accent."Oh,you´re not from here!" I instantly said, "How can you tell?"-you joked. We instantly conected with each other, mainly because our eyes and smiles were synched. Out of the blue you asked me if you could take me somewhere special, at the time I thought that was the worse pick up line ever, and I said no. "You don´t even have to leave your seat", I was totally confused and that´s when you got up and sat right next to me. For some reason I wasn´t scared, au contraire I felt very eased up and I thought it was from the champagne."Hold my hand!"-the words came out of my mouth before I could stop them, obediently you took my hand and I remember how cold your hand was, almost too cold. We became one at that moment, you felt me and I felt you...and what I felt from you was a fear of being hurt, a fear of not being able to fly away, a fear of not being able to be free. I grabbed your face and promised to teach you how to do it, "How can you teach me to be free?" you asked me with a low voice...I got up and left the room never looking back, I knew you were an Angel and I wasn´t going to fall for it and so I didn´t.
Now that I know you´re happy and flying up in the sky I can answer your question: I´ll teach you to be free by letting you go.

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