Thursday, April 21, 2011

So far, so close.

She always enjoyed contemplating the Moon, so amazingly Royal up in the Sky...but that was also a problem it was up in the sky not at arms reach.
She tried many times to go from little star to little star, she took rides from shooting stars to get there faster but couldn´t seem to get there,it was still to far.
Every night she would gaze up at it,and define new routes and ways to get there, one after the other all the plans failed. She became extremely unhappy, specially on the nights of New Moon ,when her most adored thing in the World wouldn´t even show up to say hi.
One night , with her telescope in hand admiring the Full Moon with tears in her eyes and sadness in her heart it started pouring and she just stood there,rain mixed with tears, rage mixed with love, poetry mixed with energy. She walked inside and decided it was ok to admire the Moon from afar and never touch it.Finnaly she still loved it but was very happy with the Earthly things that she could touch.


  1. love your writing:)
    since i was a litlle girl that i like to admire the moon, she have a certain mystery or a kind of fascination .... your writting can be sublime, profound and simple at the same time.

  2. Thank you so much Syl,I´ve always loved the Moon too, and this is my way to pay homage to it. :)