Friday, April 8, 2011


No one knows when the phenomenon day you wake up and its inside you like a really bad disease or like a really good drug, at that point you can´t tell the diference...but you will, when they come asking for what´s theirs, YOU are theirs, YOU sold yourself, your body ,your soul,your BEING.

They make you believe that you are IT, there´s no one else in the word like you, you are unique, you are perfect...soon enough you´ll realize the speech changes to: "you are perfect BUT we need to fix your chin, you´re perfect BUT you need to lose 20 pounds, no one in the world looks like you BUT we need to make you look like that person, so lets dye your hair blonde,you´re unique BUT try to act more like the others do . Trust us, that will make you rivers of money."

What they "accidentally" forgot to tell you is that even if you do all these things there´s always someone ready to stab you not in the back but in the face to make you disapear just as fast as you appeared. They also "forgot" to tell you that it´s all make believe.They forgot to mention the times you will spend alone , the times you won´t work, the times you won´t be able to help yourself let alone your family.

They mentioned that you would be famous and live a glamourous life...what´s so glamorous about being in magazines and in the spotlight and feeling terrible on the inside? Remeber Edie from "Grey Gardens"? Remember the song she sang? "You oughta be in pictures..."-what good did that do for her or for that matter YOU?

Well you are in pictures, people know your name,they know what you do...but they don´t know who you truly are. The real you, that talks to herself the real you that looks in the mirror and can only see the exterior image ,because she´s been through so much mutation...they asked for it right? And you were so naive that you changed to a point where you don´t remember who YOU are,you only know what you do.

I wish everyday that they stop selling the dream , I wish they will stop messing with inocent people that have nowhere to turn to...God Damn...just do ur math:is it really worth it? Everyday day the percentage to pay is bigger. Ultimately people pay with their inner peace, body, and even their life. The choice is yours: are u in or your out?...I´m out.

p.s-In loving memory of ALL the Fallen Angels <3


  1. emember who you are, where you come from who your real friends are that will help you to stay you.

    there are people that will always stay the same to you as you to them. and that it's one of the most reassuring things you can have.

    no matter how many people tell you to change, no matter how much you think you have changed there is a part of you that will hang to what you think it's worth keeping.

  2. Lia eu à dias uma crónica da Tanya Gold do The Guardian em que ela enumera, descrevia as modelos como:"part human, part makeup, part computer program..."

    Gostei do blog estive a vasculhar...