Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hand in Hand.

Feeling strong , feeling weak, feeling it. Every little bit of your skin is tense, your brain is aware and awake.

You squint your eyes , there´s sweat drips all over your body tears streaming down your face ,you can´t tell which is which. Everything hurts, but its an exquisite pain,that pain feeds you...-"If it burns and hurts it means that it´s working"-that´s what you heard throughout your life,so you keep going ...going faster, giving it all you have and what you don´t have. Your feet start slowing down, I come at you, you duck and fall.
Now you´re on the ground , it´s not your choice to stay there or get up. Your body and your mind have to become one in order for you to have the strength to do it.
Your mind says: "Get up now!" your body says: "Stay down", who wins that battle? The mind! You see me, I look confident and cocky because you just fell...jab,cross! you get me in the face, you get your little stride back. My lip is bleeding I don´t like it, but I bite more into it so it hurts and my rage builds up. You can tell I´m about to come at you full force. Are you ready for me? You better be...
Look in the Mirror, who´s there? Just me, just you...you is me,but who´s me? Me, the one that fights against herself everyday and every night, taking it to the next level . Remember when you thought you had a limit? You don´t... At least not anymore, not while I´m there to guide you...that me,is you.

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