Sunday, February 21, 2010

Back home...

I missed being here,where I belong!

Everything is so different...I got all this new Vibes from the moment I landed,and when I got home I got the confirmation,there's nothing missing!Not in the sense of not being robbed or anything...its more like everything is happening at the right timing,and I don't have to miss what I don't have.
If life is going this way,its because it has to go this way. Everything is perfect the way it is,and I can only appreciate the fact that I'm alive to witness all this changes in mine and my friends lives!

I'm gonna cherish every second of it,bad,good,whatever...It is what it is...

p.s- The most beautiful words I heard today were "Parler moi de toi..."-were these words directed to me? I don't know...Let's see what tomorrow brings. =)

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