Saturday, February 27, 2010

Is the World coming to an End?

I woke up this morning with an sms from my brother talking about the 8.8 Earthquake in Chile ,I could not believe it,and I couldn't go back to sleep,(even though I went to bed super late last night,and I'm extremely tired) thinking about all the tragedies that have hit the World lately,and I can't help but wonder if This is It? Are we doomed? Is this how it Ends? A series of Natural Catastrophes until there's nothing else,or no one else in the Planet?

I wouldn't be surprised,the Human being has totally ruined the Environment,and some people don't seem to understand the need to recycle,and the conservation of Non-renewable resources.We need to use the Natural resources we have available to us,such as:
-Agriculture—agronomy is the science and technology of using plants for food, fuel, feed, and fiber.
-Air, wind and atmosphere
-Coal, fossil fuels, rock and mineral resources
-Range and pasture
-Water, oceans, lakes, groundwater and rivers

I don't know if it's still possible to retract all the damage mankind has done,people would have to do a 180° turn,and some folks are either dumb or not informed enough. What I do know is that we can delay the destruction for many,many generations to come.

I would love to have babies in the future and see them play as I once played without a care in the World,I would love for them to see all the animals I've seen , I would love for them to be able to lay in the Sun and not get skin cancer from the Ozone depletion...but guess what? Maybe this won't come true...some of you are probably thinking "How dramatic!why is she being a drama queen?" -I'm not,I'm being realistic.

Think about it.

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