Friday, February 19, 2010

What I think...

I feel good! It's Amazing to open your eyes in the morning and to think: "I feel Good!"-my health is good,people around me are Happy,work is flowing,life's good!

I want to feel like this everyday,but I'm aware that it's impossible! There are ups and down in our lives,that really mess with our heads...I was the kind of person that made decisions out of my emotions(my friends know,sorry y'all,lol),and usually 2,3 days after,I regreted it...So starting today I decided to have a different approach to life in general,I owe it to myself.

I want to be able to think about the subjects,feel what i have to feel,and then make a decision,of course it will be hard as Hell, but today I made one of those decisions with a clear head and I think it will last because of that! MY MIND IS CLEAR! and I'm not Mad at the World at all...Life is,what it is,and guess what? LIFE IS TODAY!!! Like my friend Erik says:"If it hurts,it means we're alive!"

Here is SGI President Ikeda's recent guidance:


"Those who strongly resolve to themselves,"I will absolutely win!"are the ones who will emerge victors.
Those who continue to struggle until the very last moment without giving up will win.
Let's all become indomitable heroes of the challenging spirit"

I challenge myself to become a better person!

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