Friday, February 26, 2010


*Hey,did you get it?
-Yes,Thank you!!!Chocolate covered did you know?
*I guessed (chuckles)
-Well,don't spoil me to much,I may get used to it.
* don't seem like the spoiled type,that's why I feel like doing it.
*Are you still there?
-Yes,I was just thinking if I'm spoiled or not, I am a little,but not with things,just in my actions,ahahahah!
*I still have to see that side of you.
-Or not...
*When are you coming back?
-Tomorrow night,really late though.
*Are we still on for Saturday?
-After the white chocolate and the strawberries how could we not?
*Ahahahahah,you're funny...I'll call you.

"Any Resemblance to Existing Persons or Situations is Purely Coincidental"

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