Saturday, February 27, 2010

Excuse me! Do you know where's the Unknown?

Today,I woke up in great spirits,maybe because I went to bed with all my missions acomplished,I did my taxes,and I finished a four day shoot in San Francisco (which went great by the way,amazing team) and I felt super happy...I even had butterflies in my stomach(ahahahah,don't know why) and that made me feel adventurous for some weird reason.
The Art Director on set was talking about her trip to Bali with her husband,and they were there for a month!!!!!!!!HOW LUCKY???
They had an hotel booked for four nights,then after that they rented a motorcycle and just went from there.AWESOME! Backpacks,motorcycles,getting massages everyday at the beach, I could totally live like that!
Actually I want a trip like that this year!It doesn't have to be with a boyfriend or a husband,lol,just with a great friend,or even my brother...OR EVERYBODY!!!and just explore the Unknown.Not to a city where I know everything about,I want to go deeper than that,to a place where I usually would think three times before going.
I work too hard for my money (which just seems to fly away, God knows where =P ),so why not just invest some of it in a great vacation?One of those to remember!!!
Life is too short to live through others,like my friend Tiago Lobo says:

P.s- For the first time in my Life I have made some "short term planning"!I have so many things to do in April,right after I'm done with Fashion Week Portugal I am coming back to the USA and taking ready!ahahahahaah!

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