Wednesday, February 24, 2010


meaning: (n.) Anything that may be possible; a possibility; potentially.
(a.) Existing in possibility, not in actuality.

We have a tendency to rely on our potential to go on about life and not doing anything about it...we know we have it,and sometimes we decided to ignore it! The possibilities to our potential are endless,"it" exists for a reason,right? So why not take full advantage of it? I'm at a point in my life where I'm posing myself these questions. You can call me whatever you want,but I'm the type of person that can do whatever she wants,If I put my heart and BRAIN to it. And I will,no worries mana!ahahahaha!

So when does potential become a problem? When we try to force other people to see their potential,or to see themselves the way we see them,or the way we want them to be.

For example,Imagine your best friend,you know the guy could be a doctor,but he's not studying or making an effort to use his intelligence,your sister could be a great astronaut but she decides to go live in Paris with her broke-ass artist boyfriend,what are you suposed to do?Advise them,but don't obsess over it! It is their potential,not yours!

Many times people decide to ignore what they could become!

Don't you think Hitler had the potential to be a good man?But he chose to be a creepy bastard!He wasn't born that way! Don't you think our Prime Minister (Portugal) could've studied for real and have his diploma the hard way?But instead he chose to be shady,just like the rest of 'em...Well,my point is don't force your views on others,they'll come to their own conclusions,eventually.

Focus and explore your potential,and be the Best you can. I am about to do that,nothing can stop me anymore.

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