Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Erase and fast forward!

"He did it,and erased it,he did it ,and erased it,he did it,and erased it so many times,he didn't even have a personality anymore...
-Why did you erase it?-his friend curiosly asked.
-Because I don't want anyone to find out.
-To find out what?
-The person that I am,and who I'm dealing with!
-Hmmm...so you don't own your decisions,do you?
-In some ways I do!
-What ways?You can't even show people your real face,your real personality...why are you hiding?
-Ok..I'll tell you the truth...Because of Her!
-Oh...Her!But you don't even like her anymore,so what's the point?
-I don't want Her to know I found somebody else and I'm willing to be with this person.
-I don't understand you man,you should just tell Her and move on.
-I just can't erase and fast forward like that...

quote:"I didn't see it...but I feel it!"

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