Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Tuesday night"-by Ana Sofia Martins

"-When did we have plans for dinner?-she asked.
-I sugested Tuesday night,but you said you had plans,remember?-he answered.
-Mmmm...Couldn't you tell I was making it up? I was avoiding you...
-I figured,you had a tendency to run away from me,because we couldn't resist each other.
-Do you know how badly I wanted to go?
-No...I had no idea,since you never called me again!Why didn't you?
-There was nothing I wished more than to spend the night with you,going for dinner to that little restaurant your friend told you about,remember?The one nearby the Red Light District...maybe a bar later,and then God knows what...but I had to fight my nature.
-You always cheated on yourself baby...you always fought the love you had for me,you never allowed it to grow!It made me so mad at you!
-I had to...our circunstances weren't the best,you went your way I went mine, we couldn't even be friends,due to the intensity of the passion,love,atraction we had to each other,I wish it would have been different.
-From the day you stopped calling me 10 years ago,I looked at you diferently...
-You had this unatainable light around you,you always seemed fine,when I saw you in public,you were always surronded by best of the best...I felt lonely,I still...
She imediately interrupts him:
-So,how are your kids?
-They are fine...How's life in the Big City?
-It's great...well,I have to go.Would you like some tickets to the Premiere tomorrow night?
-A friend already got me some...Where did we go wrong?
-We didn't!Time got in the way.

They hug each other by the bar bathroom,and go their separate ways."

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