Sunday, February 28, 2010


Wow! I can't remember the last time I felt this way! And it feels sooooo GOOD!!!

I owed it to myself for almost a year,and even though I had some happy moments, the happiness never quite stayed...and this time is for real! Because like Marilyn Monroe said:"I restore myself when I'm alone".

I don't have everything that I want,nor have I acomplished all the things I wanted to acomplish so far...but its not too late! I have great friends, I live in Manhattan, I'm a good person (I think,lol),my family is healthy and I'm living a drama-free life!

Last night I had a blast with my good friends,we howled to the Moon,my voice is gone,we made fun of people(that doesn't make me a bad person,lmao),and I found out my social skills are not rusty after all, I'm not that aproachable in general but I had this amazing vibe going on,and I think the right people felt it!

I made the decision to not expect anything from people,because that's a mistake we usually do,we expect from others what we give them!I lived like that for so long,I expected people to have the same respect for me,to pay attention to me like I payed to them,to be grateful as I was,etc...And usually we expect it from people who don't have that capability...Now, you can do one of two things,accept them as they are and be unhappy forever because you hate their ways,or move on and more compatible people will come along.

Being single is the best thing that could've happened to me.A year ago I would've told y'all otherwise,but since I'm alone I started focusing more in myself and the things that are really important in life. That's what was missing in my life,ME! And once you feel confortable in your own skin,good things start to happen,and the right people start making their way into your life,trust me. It took me so long to be able to look in the mirror and to notice the person that was there. I'm defenitly not perfect,but I accept my flaws and I'm willing to change some...for Me! Not for someone else.

I am HAPPY! For real! =)

p.s- I guess everything does happen for a reason!

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