Monday, March 1, 2010


I'm 2 days away from total inner peace, I'm "Cleaning out my closet" like they say,and it feels pretty awesome! I love being determined about these things that have to go!

I'm shutting down all the mess that was in my life, and its easier than I was thinking, the reason why I didn't know it's because I didn't really try it before.

I just want Peace & Love in my life, exactly in that order.

Yesterday someone reinforced my mind about something I'm going to start doing in April,apparently(general opinion) I'm pretty good at it...and to think that I didn't do it before to let "others" shine...which they didn't by the way.

What did I learn from it? To not hide my talents from the World,sooner or later they come out even as in a joke as it did yesterday.

"Uh-oh HOT DOG!!!"

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