Monday, March 8, 2010

Another Day,Another Way

Nyc...2010 =) It feels good to be here even though I'm leaving pretty soon. I just feel more active and motivated!

Today I woke up from a nightmare (it felt very real,like REEEEEEAL) it was about something that will defenitly happen in my life sooner or later,'s not about death,it's about Honesty...ok,I know you're curious! It's not that serious its just you know somebody walks up to me and says "Sofia I bla bla bla" and then I start crying,and punching this person in the face and say "Oh,well thanks for being honest",then I walk away and think "everything is going to be alright,life goes on." Then I opened my eyes,and just stared at the ceiling and didn't realize I was awake for the next 5 minutes. Funny how your mind plays tricks on you...

Then as usual I went to the gym,and when I came back home I decided to say hi to this very peculiar lady that I almost see everyday...I decided to call her "Nora"! So "Nora",is a blonde lady,mid 50's probably,she wears shades,medium stature ,she's slim,and wears 80's suits,she's always in the company of her cigarettes,constantly puffing away. Winter,Summer,Spring,Fall,she's always outside smoking and wearing her shades,I've never seen her without it,and she seems lonely...not because she's alone,I've seen her with a friend at the Pizza place on 3rd Avenue,I can't point what it is,it's just ...I don't know...I've never seen her eyes you know,but I believe I see her Soul. Her Soul is bland,its almost like she doesn't exist,or actually its more like she doesnt know she's for these reasons and more I decided to smile at her today when I passed by her,and surprisingly for me,and I'm sure for her ,she acknowledged me with her eye brows,to which I promptly waved my hand and I kept walking feeling like a better person."Nora" you made my day!I've been wanting to say hi to you for almost 2 years,and I finally did it!wow,maybe one day I'll see your Soul in a different way,I sure hope so.

After spending the afternoon with my friends,I returned to my apartment around 9'15, and something cool happened,it smelled like "HOME"...I can't quite explain it,it just made me feel all fuzzy and welcome inside! If home is where the heart is,then my HEART is defenitly the USA,NYC,Manhattan,Upper East Side,in my tiny apartment.

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