Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's not me,it's you!

I started the week the best way possible,chanting,gym,hanging out with my friends,and just being happy in general. =D

We all went to luch at " something,something pitti" (I forgot the name,I know it ends in pitti though),it's on 6th avenue and Houston,an Italian restaurant. The conversation was great,I taunted John as usual,actually everybody did! We spoke about marriage,cheating,and other interesting stuff I can't remember,but it was really ,really interesting. We also went to the movies to watch "Cop Out"! I love Tracy Morgan,he reminds me of my dad!ahaahahahah! When the movie was over I sang "DON'T CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA" coming down the escalators, and I ended up embarassing my friends,as usual =). If I was famous I would entertain the paparazzi a lot " Yo,let's take pictures of this loony and sell it for twenty bucks"ahahahahah!

Now I'm @ Fontaine's house(his name was changed to protect his identity,lol), I'm hanging out with "ma girlzzz" ,eating blackberries ,and I just asked out loud "AM I WEIRD?" and Jackie said, "Of course you are!What kind of question is that?!" I totally am...AND I LOVE IT!

So,I went to the supermarket and started dancing there,and then I spoke to every employee at Whole Foods and made them laugh,I like to think I'm making their day more intresting,lol,then we went to the street and while Jackie was hailing a cab,I yelled "WE WANT A CAB!" in the middle of Union Square...and one stopped! (Jackie says it was her hailing ...but deep down she knows the truth),then we spoke about her adventure in Brasil on the way home.

We got home 30 minutes ago,she made her African tea,I chatted on-line with "ma peepzzzz" ,and I had the great news that I'm working in LA on Thursday (I'll be laughing all the way to the bank,ahahahahh).

Now I'm crying watching an animal abuse comercial! They run over a cow,and the cats are all blind and shit... =.(....these fucking comercials always get me.

(a couple of minutes later)

I feel better,and I came to the conclusion whoever doesn't like me,it's not me...it's them! Good 4 me!

I want more blackberries, but I'm lazy.BLAH!


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