Friday, March 5, 2010


My job went super great,I couldn't ask for an easier day! On my way to the Studio I passed in front of the Sunset Tower Hotel (amazing hotel and great staff), and this brought back some great memories. Memories of inocent,cute and carefree days! It's true what they say,you can erase people from your life ,but the good memories live on forever,and I'm glad it is that way. And the greatest part of this was that I wasn't bitter,nor did I miss it.

Now I'm at LAX ,on my way to The Big Apple and there's a pretty intense weekend in front of me,(of course there's also parties ahead,ahahahahh), I have so many errands to run,a trip to organize,and find time for my Awesome friends! I love being a busy bee! <3 I want to finish reading "Tears of the Desert " asap it's a great book and I can't wait for the conclusion. =)

"Once you feel it's ok to come in second, that's exactly what happens to you in life" There's only one YOU and nobody will be a good YOU better than YOU! If you don't love yourself first and know your self-worth how can anybody else? Self-loving equals dignity not selfishness. Love yourself !"

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