Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Trust Issues.

Lately I came to the sad realization that I trust people a little bit too much.And then some of this people end up TRYING to fuck me over. Why are people like that? Trying to use my life against me? What do they get from this?The pleasure of betraying a "so-called"friend?

Truth always comes up...sooner or later,no one can run away from it.

Actually "THANK YOU" for teaching me this amazing lesson,my godmother always told me to speak to the walls,because the walls won't tell your secrets to anyone! Wow...was she right,or what?

To "these" people I have one thing to say: Even though you were a motherfucker to me,I will keep your secrets and treasure the great moments we had,and will still have,because guess what? You don't know that I know what you did,and you'll read this and be like " she talking about me?" yes I am, I'll keep you in my life. Will I trust you again? NO.

Another day,another lesson. A good one by the way.

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