Monday, March 15, 2010

Dear Diary! =)

7.31 am-I had the most amazing 4 days of the month,(so far)you know why? Because FINALLY I'm surronding myself with people who are worth my time,and oh boy!are they unbelivable or what???I have all this ENERGY that comes from my Soul!!!

Since I was a little girl,I used to hear people say:"smile and the World smiles right back at ya"-and it actually does!!!I just have all this power and new found strenght inside of me,I've never been happier,and people around me notice:
-"Ana you're glowing!"
-"Ana you are the embodiment of happiness!"
-"Ana you're always laughing!"
-"Ana you are Dennis The Menace!"-my personal fav!lol
-"Ana you're always making people laugh!"

Well to the people who told me this,you met the real Ana! That's me! All natural,NO PRESERVATIVES OR CONSERVATIVES! ahahahahahahahaha!

I met some new people,and I let some people that I always thought were cool into my life,and I'm so glad I did! People with bad vibes don't even come close,they can't handle it,my compassion is to much!they don't understand it,therefore they fear it.Silly people!I gots love for y'all! ahahahahah!

I've had some gentlemen ( about 68...ok maybe 6,lol) kissing my hand,and that one never gets old! I like it a lot! And I do feel like a lady because they don't do it to everyone,(I'm sober and paying attention so I see what I want to see,eheheheheh),and this "kissing hand thing" made me come to the happy conclusion that,you can't buy class it's born with us,you either have or you don't.And plus,you know when it's real or fabricated,all I can say is that mine wasn't bought in Chinatown,it came with the WHOLE PACKAGE!

I'm a lucky person! =)

picture by Artur Cabral

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