Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sunshiny Day! =D

HELLO WORLD!!!! This is Ana Sofia calling!!! How are you? ME? Well,the sun is shining,the temperature is just perfect,the birds are singing,the guy that lives in the next bulding is playing guitar outside his window,and he plays damn I have to say I'm pretty good!

Just spent an hour and a half at the gym,without even noticing,usually I'm counting the minutes to get out of there,but not this time! When I looked at the clock I was like...."wow...already?" On my way home I decided to not listen to the the ipod,and I'm glad I didn't because there was a guy playing the guitar on his window,so I quickly came upstairs and I'm sitting inside listening to him and the birds in Harmony...these moments really make me feel alive.

In other news,last night I went out(AGAIN) and I had a blast (AGAIN) ,just dancing non-stop and making fun of awkward drunksters!LMAO! Then these two Brazilian guys I know, started talking to me trying to do a Portuguese accent!!!OMG!!!!The expressions they used not even my grandparents used!ahahahaha! That was some ancient portuguese!But they made me laugh,so props to them!

I'm finally finding out what my passions are,and the time to start is coming! I can't wait!!!!

Life is today,and the possibilities are endless!

p.s- Thank you for the Wise Words, Mr. M. =)

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