Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Tower of the Power

"The Tower of the Power goes up to the Sky,feel free to try to climb it,destroy it,praise won't suceed" -I wrote a text when I was 17 that started like that,I lost it in NYC,BLAH!!!! But I never forgot how it started,even thought at the time I wasn't writing about something specific,actually I was on a plane and I looked to the control tower and got inspired...but as the text developed I felt like I was writing about someone,and today I chose that someone to be me!

I feel so empowered each day that goes by,I am in control of my actions I do what I want ,when I want it! I am the boss of me,other peoples actions don't get under my skin like before,I watch it happen,think about it and go on about my life. How wonderful!!!

I'm not obsessed with anyone,I dont have any addictions, my health is great,and good thins are coming my way,so for probably the first time in my life I feel BALANCED.

I can get used to this feeling =D

Thanks to those who are there for me ,everyday and every second,I love u forever!!!

p.s -Promise I.

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