Thursday, March 25, 2010

I L..... YOU!

This day was full of day started with thorns and its ending up on a very surprising note!

An hour ago,a boy said to me " Sofia I like you!I've been wanting to say this to you for the past 5 years."- Can everybody imagine my shock? (by the way I know the boy is reading this,but this is a public blog so... =P )

Well ,I was shocked because nobody has said that to me for the past 4 years(except the person I was with),and quite honestly I didn't know how to react,but I was honored,because the "boy" is a great person (yes,you are!)

When I was a teen ,it used to be so easy to say "I like you" to someone,and I used to hear it quite often (ahahahahahah),but while I was on a relationship I didn't let anyone come close to me enough to say it. I'm used to being the funny one and the friend not the "object of affection", I guess it's time for me to open my eyes and see who "likes me", I'm curious to know what they "like" ...because for me it's kind of funny to be in this position,funny in a sweet way!

Wow...I'm so not "likable" in that way...ahahahah! If only the "boy" knew!

But Thanks for making a probably "neutral day",into a "funny in a sweet way" day! Am I rambling? See? That's what happens when I'm liked,I acted weird! ahahahahahah!

Oh well! =D

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