Saturday, March 6, 2010


No one knew what she did,she lied everytime they asked.She took a vow to never let 'em know that she was an Urban Rebel.
Like other rebels she often felt misunderstood,but in her head that was a wonderful thing,she just didn't want to feel like a part of the mass.
Everyday she fought other peoples causes,and this made her smile and sleep better at night...until one day, people learned fighting their own causes and they didn't need her anymore. That same day she started looking for her own causes,she found so many and fought them all. Sometimes she won ,others she lost,but she never gave up.
She traveled the World,met other rebels and they all kept busy in their lives and gave her tons of advice,she listened carefuly to each one of those lost souls...sudenly she didn't feel like a Rebel anymore...she felt just like every other mortal on Earth.

You know what she did?

She left to another Planet...she didn't believe in Fairy Tales anyways.

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