Thursday, March 4, 2010


All done!!! all done,all done,all done!!! Just one more time, ALL FUCKING DONE!!! Ladies and Gentleman the "clutter" is gone. Seriously! I'm not playing! I "cleaned the closet",and now I have even more room for's funny how I decided to fill the "void" in my life with myself! With my dreams,my friends,and the things I enjoy,and specially my DETERMINATIONS!
I must admit that I have to thank the clutter for being a part of my house and my life for so long,because by looking at it everyday I got so fed up,that I said to myself..."Damn girl...still?" and so Wednesday March 3rd of 2010, it has left the building,this clutter was nice enough to leave me,and to leave room for some better things to come along,and if I tell you that I see those things in the horizon,I'm not lying to you.

Is it me or life is Good? =)

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