Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Back in Lisbon

Yesterday,I was waiting until last minute for a phone call from my American agencies saying that they got me a job,therefore I couldn't come to Lisbon...but it didn't happen! So I landed in Portugal @ 5:45am , jumped on a cab,got home,saw my brother's face and he made it all better!

I really didn't want to come,because I'm not as productive here nor do I have that much to do...hmmm,but I'll manage.Plus I'm going to be working most of the time anyways.

Well the reason why I didn't want to come,was because of some people's mentality:posers,people that spend most time keeping up appearances, people that have a lifestyle that I disaprove of...and I wouldn't be worried if I didn't have to deal with them...but it's Fashion Week here,SO THEY ARE TAKING OVER!!!!!!!AAARRRRGGGGHHHHHH! Even though I try to keep myself distant from them, it's kind of impossible ,and the biggest problem is that they are blood and energy suckers. I need to chant a lot for their souls and for me to have patience to be cordial with them.

I must admit I'm excited to work with the designers here,to see some people I haven't seen in a while,and to have fun in general =D

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