Friday, March 19, 2010


I love this song!the first time I heard it was 16 years ago in the car of an old friend of mine,and this song defenitly takes me to Amazing places in my mind =)

I was thinking today, how things only affect you if you let them get to you.if you either ignore it or make peace with it (and by making peace I mean just let it be) it will not get you not even 0.5% . As most of my friends know,I'm a very impulsive gal!ahahaha! And this has gotten me in MAJOR trouble with none other than myself,so I didn't lose my impulsive side at all,I just know how to "manage" the timings better. So when people are investing their time in trying to make you miserable, just pray that they transform that energy in something positive and invest it on themselves, I always try to show them how to do it,but they just hate me more for knowing better! ahahahahahah! How lovely?

Is it weird being 23 and not being in love with someone other than myself??? I gave it some thought,and I want to believe that I'm normal (even though I know I'm not). Most people I know go to bed thinking about that someone special,even if they're not in a relationship they like someone or want to be with someone,not's not that I desperately want to be or don't want to be,I'm just analyzing myself and coming to that NEUTRAL conclusion.

Speaking of desperate....uhuhuhuhuh! should I or should I not? hmmm,here comes the impulsive side!!! damn...I really can't control it this time,I'm sorry y'all,it wouldn't be me if I shut my mouth observing something so obvious! DESPERATE PEOPLE TAKE DESPERATE MEASURES,and I love to see them falling down of their pedestal, trying to provoke the Mortals,and when they don't succeed they see how fucking ridiculous they are,and you can see the hate in their eyes....when you see this hate, show them Love! Be the image of what you want to see in the World....who knows? You may inspire someone...someone who's desperate to be Loved!

p.s-try to see this text not as an effect or a reaction,but only as me showing you my state of mind and how I feel.some people chose not to talk about things,but to me that's not an option.


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