Wednesday, March 31, 2010


She couldn't afford the trip back in time...It was way too expensive. The price to pay? Her Heart! Since she just recovered it she decided to keep it and not risk it...all she could do was to fantasize,and she did.

She imagined Him saying all the right words to her,and giving her hugs&kisses when she needed them,loving her unconditionaly and to promise her that it was forever and ever. She also saw herself as a better person,and not making the same mistakes she once has,she was way warmer and not afraid to live and love! They were both secure in the Love they shared and nothing could break their bond.

She opened her eyes and realized she had the most important part,the unconditional Love and an unbreakable bond...she would never have the phisical part again but at least she had Her Heart in one piece.

Did she want the trip back in time? NO! She wanted the Present!And that Present would become a bright Future... with her Heart empty but in one piece.

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